Next Generation ANPR System Engine


Automatic Number Plate Recognition Engine


Next Generation

Plate.Vision – ANPR Engine

Plate.Vision is a vehicle identification software through license plate recognition,

using state-of-the-art image processing and analysis technologies.

Specifically designed for critical Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) applications

and Security/Surveillance scenarios.

High Performance

Real-time image analysis with great processing speed and very high accuracy recognizing plate characters and numbers.

Maximum Revenue

Process automation with cost reduction and better customer service. Revenue recovery and fraud prevention.

Easy Integration

Execution as an independent process or integrated in another system through open standards and protocols. Multi-platform: Linux, OS X, Windows, Mobile device and Cloud deployment.

System Specifications

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More Features

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BP Portugal

Plate.Vision was chosen by BP Portugal to integrate their refueling payment supervision system.


Know how Plate.Vision’s vehicle identification features were crucial in this scenario.

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