BP Portugal

Payment enforcement in Gas Stations

Hórus Project

Considering the large increase of escaping customers from their gas stations, BP Portugal, in partnership with ISEL and other entities like Makewise, developed the Hórus project.

Goal – Develop a vehicle identification system for gas station enforcement.


Between several decisions, the most critical was choose a ALPR engine. Performance and results of such solutions are required and challenging features.

Among several solutions available on the market, Plate.Vision, which promised to meet the required needs.

Plate.Vision Solution

After a real scenario testing, the Plate.Vision gained prominence from partners and was chosen as license plate recognition solution.

Now with the extension of the implementation of this system in the BP Network, Plate.Vision remains the best result ensuring top of the market.

"the prepayment situation limits the consumption and creates a mistrust customer relationship"

"...the number of customers who left without paying increased by 80% over the last four years"

BP Portugal Data

BP Portugal identified several problems that are damaging not only the company’s business in the fuel retail as well as their relationship with customers.

  • Increase in the number of customers who left without paying 80%
  • Prepayment Station in major urban centers 90%


The National Association of Fuel Dealers estimates a payment escape from fuel station of:

Daily number of customers who escapes without paying in Portugal

Monthly loss in Euros

Plate.Vision – Performance and Results

Revenue Recovery

Immediate Impact in BP Portugal’s business, decreasing the number of escapes and revenue recovery from customers.


Escape's decline

System of automated license plate recognition that kicks in when the vehicle arrives at the station. When the client raises the fuel hose, the system already knows whether the vehicle is or is not on the blacklist of offenders.

Better customer experience

Gas stations are no longer in prepayment mode, a situation that created a climate of suspicion about the customer. The time of supply operation decreases being not only faster and more convenient for customers who are supplying as for customers who are waiting.

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