ANPR System Features


Deployment on Cloud and Mobile devices.
No installation
Integrate, Set and Go!


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Easy integration with several devices and different formats. See the compatibility here

Development Tools

Working across major Operating Systems using state-of-the-art development languages.

Plate.Vision - Cloud ALPR Engine

Designed to read a range of vehicle license plate types. Multi-application in business sectors systems can benefit from the fast, exact, automatic identification and recognition capabilities of this ANPR/LPR engine.

License plates from many image sources remarkably fast and with the highest recognition accuracy in its class.


Plate.Vision is a software highly available to be deployed into several systems. Developed to be ready to the future!


General Information about Plate.Vision

Supported Operating Systems

– Windows (32/64 bit)
– Linux (32/64 bit)
– OS X 64 bit
– iOS
– Android

System Requirements

– 1 GHz CPU
– 512 MB RAM
– 100 MB HDD Free Space


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Devices | Formats | Compatibilities


Supports the most popular image formats (jpeg, png,…)


Processed Data Output

– License Plate Number
– Position of the plate
– Plate’s trust level in percentage
– Country Code
– Trust level for each character


Can be easily integrated with any trigger.

Development Tools

– C++

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