After all what is an ANPR Engine?


In the era of Internet of things and technology everywhere, the world of transports and its infrastructure is no exception. Cities, roads, automobiles, are becoming more intelligent and autonomous.

Perhaps this ANPR system is more present in your life than you think!


ANPR is an acronym for Automatic Number Plate Recognition which is basically a technology that uses optical character recognition (OCR) to find license plates.


The Plate.Vision is a vehicle identification software through license plate recognition, using state-of-the-art image processing and analysis technologies.

Built using computer vision and it can analyze a photo and tell you if there is a license plate and what their characters.

The main features of Plate.Vision:



  • High Performance: Real-time image analysis with great processing speed and very high accuracy recognition plate characters and numbers.
  • Maximum Revenue: Process automation with cost reduction and better customer service. Revenue recovery and fraud prevention.
  • Easy Integration: Execution as an independent process or integrated in another system, through open standards and protocols. Multi-platform: Linux, OS X and Windows



Certainly you already used an electronic toll system, right? This is a good example of where a ALPR engine is used. In the second you pass a toll, the system among many other operations, recogniges your License Plate to confirm the use of the highway service.


It was developed to be operational in critical environments like Intelligent Transportation Systems, SmartCities, and Security/Surveillance, the Plate.Vision is already operational in several BP Portugal service stations to reinforce Refuelling activies.
There is big potential of Applications of this type of systems to automatize process, get a better experience and became people’s life easier!