Gas Station ANPR Software

Plate.Vision ANPR Software for Gas Station Monitoring and Payment Enforcement

ANPR System will enfort payments and security?

Gas Stations are facilities that sells fuels and lubricants for motor vehicles. Everyday millions of people fill their cars tank mostly with gasoline or diesel to use their cars daily.

A multimillion euros business driven by petroleum prices in the markets that affect the consumer directly. But not only…
Petrol Stations Retailers faces everyday a common problem: people who refuel their tanks without paying!

Only in Portugal, the national association of petrot retailer ANAREC estimates the following data:

  • When prices rise the number of non paying fuel increases
  • 750 – the average number of customers fleeing without paying
  • 225.000€ Average monthly loss

It seems a small value for the range of gas stations based in Portugal but here’s a thing: the profit margin per litre from fuel retailers is just a few cents. One non paying customer may compromise the profit.

To solve this type of problems there’s Plate.Vision! But how a ANPR/ALPR engine can help a petrol retailers stop people of running away without paying?
The process is quite simple. Plate.Vision uses computer vision analysis system that recognizes characteres within images. So here’s how it works:


  • Vehicle identification

When a vehicle arrives at the Gas Station the CCTV cameras captures the vehicle.

  • Plate.Vision + Central System

The images are processed by Plate.Vision engine and the license plate is recognized. The central system search for possible matches on the blacklist of infractors.

  • Fuel Pumps

At this point the system know if that car is on the blacklist. The central system will:

    • Lock: the hose will not working until you pay off the previous refuels
    • Unlock: You free to refuel your car!

This critical process requires an high performance engine like Plate.Vision because all this process need to be ready until the driver take the hose to refuel.

Plate.Vision ALPR/ANPR software will help your Gas station be:

  • Faster for customers
  • More secure activies for you
  • Processes enforcement
  • Payment enforcement
  • Reduce of non payers
  • Blacklist record and others..

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