Parking Management ANPR Software

Plate.Vision ANPR Software for Parking Management and Access Control

Parking Management and Access Control with Plate.Vision ANPR system?

Parkings! On the streets or in parking lots is a cleared area that is intended for parking vehicles. In most countries parking lots are a feature of every city and suburban area. Shopping malls, Cultural facilities, touristic points, streets and even sidewalks serve as park and are explored by public and private entities.

Modern parking lots use a variety of technologies to help motorists find unoccupied parking spaces, new payments mode, retrieve their vehicles, and improve their experience. New needs are emerging with new developments in SmartCities and Mobility.

Plate.Vision’s number plate recognition its designed for the future. For Smart Parks the following image ilustrate how Plate.Vision operates:

  • Video System

The camera system captures images and sends them to the central system for processing

  • Plate.Vision

The Plate.Vision system recognizes number plates and sends information to central system

  • Acess Control

Activation of physical barriers to entrances and exists

  • Plate.Vision Mobile

Parking Payment Supervision for street parking to control ticket times | e-Payments

Technical questions aside, Plate.Vision had advantages for both sides: the operator and customer side. Let’s see:


  • Easy Payments
  • Easy access
  • Pay as you go (Mobile App)
  • Happy customers


  • Increase Revenue
  • Payment enforcement
  • Reduce operacional costs
  • Operational efficiency
  • Customer Satisfaction

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