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Plate.Vision ANPR Software for Toll and Traffic - Monitoring | Enforcement | Charging

Toll and Traffic – Monitoring and Enforcement are an essential activity to garanty a sustainable road infrastruture like highways. The income brought by tolling systems allows to operators have money to constantly upgrade roads offering an faster and secure environment for transportation

The evolution of transport system and technology had change the way we use this type of infrastrutures. The process of toll payment had evolved to postpaid systems like Via Verde, a service that allow drives pay for tolls without stop using On Board Units and technology in toll plaza, and new apps to charge for free-flow highways using automatic license plate recognition.

But where the Plate.Vision ALPR/ANPR system come in? The following image shows us how…


Plate.Vision ALPR/ANPR software runs photos captured by video tolling cameras and process them extracting license plates with high speed and performance.

  • Capture zone

Critical zone where vehicle triggers the capture system for number plate recognition.

  • Video Tolling

Video tolling cameras records every passing vehicle. The images are ready to be sent to the Plate.Vision app for characters recognition.

  • Plate.Vision + Central System

The records are processed by Plate.Vision for license plate recognition and sent the results for the central system to be attached with transaction informations and proceed payment processing

Plate.Vision its essential for highways chargement. The volume of vehicle nowadays on the road make manual processing unthinkable. Its a critical activities that need a well build and robust engine to help both sides:


Operators need:

  • High Performance and reliability OCR recognition
  • 24/7 Critical Operational – Video Tolling enforcement
  • Car Classification per type of vehicle and License plate vehicle recognition
  • Automatic payment processing

Customer to enhancing their experiences

  • Fast and easy payments mode
  • Unbureaucratic
  • No Waste of time stopping


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