Vehicle Inspection ANPR Software

Plate.Vision ANPR Software for Vehicle Inspection Centers

ANPR system for number plate recognition in your vehicle inspection center?

The vehicles Inspection is an legal periodic procedure mandated by governments in many countries to conduct mandatory motor vehicle safety and strutural inspections to certify that vehicles meet minimum safety requirements.

Over the years, the inspection process has suffered an technological modernization that makes the information gathered to be more approximate to reality. Also software processes had to evolve so that the information could be shared among stakeholders as the inspection centers, the institute of transport, security forces and others.

In Portugal there is already an legal requirement to regulate the use of this type of systems:

Plate.Vision ANPR - Vehicle Inspection Market
“Portaria nº221/2012”

Establish the technical requirements to be met by the technical inspection centers for vehicles

“The Technical Inspection Centers must have an optical equipment for automatic recognition of the vehicle’s license plate. This allows the respective reading and integration in the record of the inspection”

This is where Plate.Vision ALPR/ANPR system cames in as an answer for that need!

Plate.Vision sotfware is a license plate recognition system developed through computer vision that recognizes the characters for number plates for multiple scenarios like vehicle inspection activities.
The following image explains how Plate.Vision integrates the inspection process:

ANPR System for Vehicle Inspection Centers
  • License Plate Capture

The vehicle starts the inspection process. The license plate is captured when car arrives to dyno.

  • Plate.Vision Processment

The images are sent and processed by Plate.Vision’s engine to recognize the license plate.

  • Management System

License Plate’s information is sent to the management to be attached to the process as proof.

Easily connectable with existing equipments, administrative systems and networks, Plate.Vision technology will help your business processes:

  • Reduce the pain of adaptation/evolution
  • Automated process – non human intervention needed
  • Record of the inspection as proof
  • Easy documentation management
  • Be future proof!

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